May Meeting Minutes

Runamok MQG May Meeting Minutes
5/23/15 10:00 am
Franklin Mill Store
18 attendees
* Bylaws were passed by a 2/3 vote on April 24. All guild members are required to follow these bylaws.
* Committees for Socials, Charities, and Retreats have been formed. Megan Howell, Guild Secretary, should be included in any electronic correspondence regarding these committees. She can be reached at
* Sarah is finalizing the plans to join the National MQG; however, she has encountered some difficulties. National wants all MQGs to have a regional name. She is challenging this rule since it is not clearly stated. The guild will be updated as this progresses.
* Committee Chairpersons have been appointed. Pat is Social Committee Chairperson, Kathy Graves is Charity Committee Chairperson. Julie is Retreat Committee Chairperson.* Retreat Committee is seeking volunteer members. Currently the only member is Julie.
May's Block

May’s Block

*Carol’s Block for May was raffled. The winner was Sandie. The June block was presented. Carol has emailed instructions to Sarah to be posted on the blog and provided printed copies as well. The color scheme is brights – darks should be avoided. The 12″ x 12″ finished block is comprised of random strips, sized no bigger than 2″ in height. All seams should be pressed in one direction.
Carol's Block for June

Carol’s Block for June

* Summer Sampler blocks for May and June will be presented in June. Raffle prizes will be rewarded. The May block was pushed off to June due to the anticipated low attendance and the holiday weekend. Sandie showed her completed block for June as an example.
* Lindell made a motion to form a committee to review and possibly amend the by laws. Lindell will chair the committee. Several members volunteered.
* Runamok MQG will be celebrating it’s first birthday in June! There will be two celebrations – the June Social on 6/12 and the June meeting on 6/27. The June Social will include food and games. Anyone interested in volunteering to bring food should contact Pat, Social Committee Chairperson. The June Social will be held in the classroom downstairs.  The finalized details will be available soon.
* The email list discussion was revisited. Sarah reminded members that she cannot distribute member emails without the express consent of the member. Some members do not wish to participate in a group email list. Sarah also reminded that once Runamok joins National MQG, there will be an online forum available for members to interact. A published member directory was suggested. The suggestion was also made to publish the names, positions, and contact information (emails) for the Guild Officers and Committee Members. A paper was circulated and members were given the option to sign up for an email list.  If you would also like to be on this list, please email Sarah at to be added. Officer information is located under the About tab, here on the blog.
Show and Tell was held.
> Edith presented her Tripping Through My Stash quilt. She completed this quilt at a class taught by Maureen Bird through Herring Run. It was quilted by Dancing Crane in New Hampshire.
> Maureen presented the paper pieced mini blocks she completed during a FMS Employee Craft Night taught by Lindell. The blocks have a Girl Scout theme, celebrating the anniversary of her troop. Each color represents a different level of scouting. She is also using fabric purchased during the 100 year anniversary of Girl Scouts.
> Megan presented her snow dyed quilt, spliced with a yellow fabric and echo quilted. She also presented a french braid quilt using Kona cotton, contrast stitching and Inked by Red Rooster Fabrics.
> Julie presented a work in progress using half square triangles. She will be adding the binding to finish the quilt.
> Gayle presented a quilt she completed to practice machine applique. The quilt was comprised of small squares and circles using various machine applique techniques. She will be adding a border before quilting it together.
> Lindell presented a mini quilt using Kaffee Fasset fabrics and featuring a paper pieced umbrella and appliqued rain clouds. She also presented a quilt comprised of brightly colored hexagons, split in half and set against a white background.
> Sarah presented a quilt completed as part of a blog hop to promote a designers ribbons. She appliqued the ribbons around a block of solid fabrics.
[Sarah’s the photographer, so no pictures of this quilt]
* A sew-in was held for any members interested in participating, where Sandie showed off this piece she’s working on finishing.
DSC_0163 DSC_0168
Next Social: Friday, June 12, 5:30 pm, FMS Downstairs Classroom
Next Meeting: Saturday, June 27, 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, FMS Second Floor
Both June events will be a birthday celebration

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