Carol’s Block

We’re introducing a new program today. Since I’m very unimaginative when it comes to names, we’re going to call it Carol’s Blocks. The reasoning will be very apparent soon.

Each month, Carol will choose a block. Those who wish to participate will make the block, and then at the next meeting, all who made a block will be entered to win all the blocks. Make sense? Here’s an example:

April’s blocks are blue snowballs. If 10 people make a block and bring it to the meeting, each of those 10 people will put their name in, and one of those 10 people will win all 10 blocks.

Simple enough, right? So for April, you would need to make a snowball block, following these instructions. (you can click on the image and make it bigger if you need to)

April Instructions

And here is what your block should look like

CArol's snowball


The blue squares can be any predominantly blue print and the white squares should be a white solid.

Let me know if you have any issues/concerns, either by commenting here or sending me an email.


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