December Social

Whew, time is just flying by, right? With the holiday season and the end of the year barreling towards us, its time to announce our plans for December.

Our normal meeting would fall smack dab in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s – the one week I’m sure everyone is off visiting family, or snowed in, or recovering from too many parties and a few too many cookies. 😀

So our December meeting will be on Dec 12, and will be an evening social!!! Lots of food and festive spirits, because this will also be our 6 month anniversary as a guild. Yes, its really been 6 months!!!

The event will start at 5:30 pm, in the Franklin Mill classroom (the side building). We will be having a handmade gift swap — Not a yankee swap! No stealing or plotting. Each person, if you’d like to participate, should make something handmade/homemade. Even if its as simple as a pretty basket of cookies. If you need help with ideas, I’ve made this Pinterest board full of inspiration. Each item will be assigned a number, and then our Executor of Merriment will draw a random number for each person. So if you draw a 15 from Jennifer’s bag, handmade gift #15 is yours! The fun will start at 7:30!

There will be lots of other fun activities and maybe even a few door prizes!!! But please, please, please be respectful of others beliefs and keep this non-denominational. Think more New Year’s Eve, and less Christmas, ok? Thank you.

I can’t wait to see what sort of handmade awesomeness shows up!!!

See everyone on Dec 12!!


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