Row by Row Challenge

The Row by Row Experience is “a new kind of shop hop.” Well, at least according to the website. Several shops in our area (and all across the country if you’re going on vacation) have signed up and have free quilt patterns for a row in a quilt. You travel to the stores (or have nice friends who go for you) and gather row instructions.

Now here is where our challenge is different than the experience. The experience requires you to complete a quilt with 8 rows from different stores, and be the first to bring it into one of the participating stores. A few stores have even announced their winners already! To me, and I’m sure several others, this adds unwanted stress to our relaxing hobby, so we’re doing a little different!

Complete a quilt top (not necessarily quilted) using at least 3 row instructions (that’s right, no need for 8). Also, think about using the rows creatively, and remember we’re trying to emphasize modern. Make this quilt really your own!!! You can use only parts of the rows, chop them up, rearrange, resize – whatever you can imagine.

Bring your top (again, doesn’t need to be quilted!) to our November/December meeting. We’ll have an anonymous vote on guild favorite. Winner will get 3 patterns from Amy at During Quiet Time.

Now here is where it gets a little sticky: we’re doing this on a “good intentions” basis. If you see a row picture online that you love, but say its from Nevada, but you could figure out the quilt math, I will let it go. However, please at least include one (of your required 3) rows to be from a store you actually visited. One of the points behind the whole experience is to support local businesses. If you need any help — there are 3 stores participating within a 10 minute drive from our meeting location, including the store where we meet (hint, hint). The other two are Emma’s Quilt Cupboard, and Dragonfly Fabrics. Now, lucky for us, both Franklin Mill and Emma’s have lady bugs, and Dragonfly’s has a dragonfly. So even if you use only these three, you’re already mostly there for a cute summer themed quilt!

But, please, please, please, don’t make me double check that you in fact used three row by row instructions. No one likes paperwork. And this is all in good fun. You don’t have to participate, if you don’t want. But if you were already going to participate this is a great motivation. Also, the general understanding is that with 8 rows you would have ended up with a throw size quilt. If you choose to make something smaller, such as a pillow or table runner, please do have it quilted. We’re trying to keep work levels approximate, to make the challenge as fair for everyone as possible.

Sound good? Any questions?


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